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If the thought of hitting the Viagra turns you off, the following ten tips should help. There are many natural methods that can get you back between the sheets with your partner, without a huge amount of effort on your part. And fear not — you are far from alone. Typically, in the US, about thirty-one percent of men and forty-three percent of women report sexual dysfunction. For people over the age of fifty, the percentages are even higher.

Certainly, one recent survey of menopausal women showed that almost fifty-percent reported a reduction in sexual desire, following menopause. Harvard Health Publications reports that both women and men of every age group suffer from sexual dysfunction, for a range of reasons. This can include chronic illness, old age, anxiety and stress.

Increase Libido With Fruity Aphrodisiacs

There’s nothing to lose by trying some of the well publicized libido enhancing foods, or aphrodisiacs, even if the evidence supporting the effectiveness of these substances is patchy. Avocados, bananas and figs are just some of the foods believed to arouse both women and men, just by their suggestive shapes. However, these foods contain key minerals and vitamins as well. Potentially, this can boost the flow of blood to the genital area and facilitate an active sex life.

Become a Chocoholic

Historically, chocolate has symbolized desire, not just because of its’ seductive flavor, but due to its’ ability to increase sexual pleasure. One article in the Clinical Nutrition Journal in South Africa states that chocolate releases serotonin and phenylethylamine into the body, which can create some mood elevating and aphrodisiac effects. Nonetheless, a study in the Sexual Medicine Journal reports that the effect that chocolate has on sexuality is probably psychological, rather than biological.

Eat Your Herbs Each day

When you next have a romantic dinner, include a bit of garlic or basil in your meal. The aroma of basil activates the senses and there are large amounts of allicin in garlic. The BBC states that allicin boosts the flow of blood and might help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Ginkgo biloba is an extract that originates from Chinese ginkgo tree leaves. The National Biotechnology Information Center reports that this herb effectively treats sexual dysfunction caused by antidepressants.

Copy the African Example

An alkaloid called Yohimbine, which is found in West African evergreen bark, is known to work like a natural form of Viagra. Numerous studies indicate that Yohimbine bark could help you to both get an erection and sustain one. Furthermore, these studies suggest that Yohimbine might help to improve the quality of your erections. Notwithstanding, researchers do point out that no natural product completely replicates the powerful effects of Viagra.

Improve Your Self Esteem

Your feelings about your body affect your feelings about sex. A lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet will not only give you low self esteem, it will discourage you from initiating and enjoying sex too. Most experts agree that you can increase libido and self confidence by focusing more on your attributes, rather than your shortcomings. Also, you can focus more on the pleasure you get from sex, as opposed to only the physical side of things.

Drink Wine in Moderation

According to the Mayo Clinic, a couple of glasses of wine each day may be one too much, however one glass is exactly right. As you probably know, drinking a glass of wine eases the tension you might be feeling, and increases your desire for intimacy. However, drinking an excessive amount of alcohol hinders your ability to carry out the act, because it impedes your erectile function and ability to orgasm.

Spend Time Meditating and Relieving Stress

Regardless of your current state of health, feeling stressed is bound to negatively impact on your sex life. Harvard Health Publications states that women are especially vulnerable to the impact stress has on sex drive. In contrast, occasionally, men can use sex to ease stress, which may cause arguments. To ease stress, the Mayo Clinic recommends practicing tai chi, attending a yoga class or taking part in sports.

Have a lie Down

People with busy lifestyles do not always manage to get the right amount of sleep, or schedule time for intimacy. The Mayo Clinic reports that frequently, people who are at work and who care for young children or aging parents are left exhausted. This results in a reduced libido. You should increase libido and energy levels by having a nap at an opportune moment, and by consuming a sensible diet low in carbs and rich in protein.

Work at Your Relationship

If you have just had a bust up with your other half, chances are that you will not feel like having sex. The Mayo Clinic states that many women appreciate emotional closeness, as a prelude to sex. As a result, unresolved disputes in your relationship might damage your sex life too. There can be little doubt that communication is vital for partners to foster the necessary trust for healthy sexual relationships, and stop resentment from growing.

Book a Doctor’s Appointment

Even if you are attempting to boost your sex drive naturally, it still may be a wise idea to speak with your doctor to identify any underlying issues. A doctor might suggest tested methods for improving your sex life, like adopting healthy lifestyle practices, talking to your partner and addressing other medical problems. Understanding the root causes of your sex life problems will make it simpler to devise a solution.

Keep Testing

Clearly, there are a range of different methods that you can use to naturally increase libido. Nonetheless, it is vital to bear in mind that no two couples are alike, so it might require some trial and error to discover what approach suits you. If you do opt to resort to prescription medication, don’t forget that desire is the driving force behind sex. If there are emotional problems that are affecting your libido, even those little blue pills might not be able to help you.

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  1. all suggestions here are right and should be done most importantly, to make an appointment to your doctor to have a check up because of hormonal stuff whatsoever. but it is also important that you wont lose the affection and interest to your partner. always keep the sparks alive between the both of you. :)

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